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Odorless Marijuana: The Next Big Trend Or Just Hype?

Because social stigmas around cannabis usage remain prevalent for medical and recreational users, the concept of a marijuana bud without a “dank,” pungent aroma could be appealing to consumers. A company out of Brampton, Ontario, Canada claims it can create a product that “greatly reduces” the smell of marijuana as it burns. In addition, the smell of stored dried flower will be “virtually undetectable.”

PURECANN, which is what Canadian startup CannabCo is calling the odorless weed, was originally created to reduce the harshness typically associated with smoking marijuana. Anyone who took a puff that induced a coughing fit can attest to the sensation. But that effect is exactly what has made marijuana undesirable for medical patients who possess no prior smoking experience. Odorless marijuana could help patients who wish to avoid stares and hushed criticism when needing to step outside a function, personal or business, for a quick smoke break.

Here’s where things get interesting. CannabCo CEO Mark Pellicane said in a statement, “When we saw the technology in action and the end result, we realized there were a number of potential markets associated with the use of PURECANN.” Instead of just helping patients receive their medicine, the company wants odorless marijuana to become the newest trend in the industry.

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“Imagine someone going outside for a break during the day, having their afternoon cannabis and coming back without any odor attached to their clothing or coat.” Pellicane said. “A woman can carry cannabis in her purse without having the odour concentrated or leaking out in her handbag.  A number of users, and people that are around cannabis smokers, complain about the smell especially in enclosed areas, condos, and apartments, and this technology addresses those concerns.”

This is complicated. Because on one hand, helping patients gain access to medicine they need is something worth promoting. But on the other, this almost seems like a stop gap to help marijuana users disassociate from negative stigmas around cannabis. Isn’t a more noble cause to educate society on why smoking marijuana shouldn’t be frowned upon? Avoiding the smell of weed is only necessary when laws prohibit its usage. Obviously that isn’t much of a concern in Canada, which has legalized recreational cannabis, as it is in the United States.

We’ll wait until the product is ready for testing to see if it’s appropriate or helpful for patients. Until then, we’re not buying the hype for odorless weed.

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