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Marijuana Lifestyles Top 10 Picks for 420 Friendly Vacation Spots Around The World

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Here are the top 10 places in the world to go on holidays where a fan of herbs should visit and experience something cool. Let’s start with the cult places, then go to the less obvious ones.

  1. Jamaica -Reggae, blunts, rastafarians, sun and smiling people (who often speak incomprehensible English) throughout the year – it all fits perfectly well. To smoke a twist in a country where some people treat this activity as receiving a sacrament is quite different from the usual smoking (read about the movement and religion of rastafari, is described here). Around cannabis, this unique island has developed a unique, specific culture and for many years a lot of tourists have been going to this country just to feel and experience it for themselves.In this country for a long time the eyes have been closed for smoking marijuana, but it has recently been completely decriminalized.What’s more, Bob Marley’s ruling homeland is probably well aware of their great potential for canna-trips, so soon, at all international airports, there will be vending machines where you can buy Mary Jane. The locals also organize special stays for visitors, where you can eat a good meal, and by the way see marijuana plantations.
  2. Amsterdam, Netherland -The European Mecca for all rooting herb. Coffee-shops (the first of which was Mellow Yellow was founded in the 1970s) is something that must be seen, to be there and experience it. If you like the climate of smoky, somewhat dark and cluttered, “basement” premises, where the goods are served by people who look like Cheech or Chong from the movie “Up in smoke” then in the capital of the Netherlands you have the best chance that you will find such a place.Amsterdam also means very open and tolerant people and this applies to both locals and a large part of marijuana tourists. It is also worth noting that in addition to coffee-shops there are so-called smart shops in which a large range of psychedelic drugs is sold. In the De Wallen district you can also find the interest of the Marijuana and Hash Museum, however those who have had the opportunity to be in it claim that it is not worth wasting time on.Contrary to what many people think, Mary Jane is not legal in the Netherlands (and the legal status of coffee-shops is quite ambiguous), while the possession of up to 5 g. Is not punished. In recent years, there has been a lot of confusion about whether foreigners will be able to buy anything in a coffee-shop – the local authorities experimented with tightening the law to hit tourists and tourists. The so-called „wietpas”, whose acquisition for foreigners was extremely difficult, then a new law was introduced in their place, which restricted the possibility of entering coffee-shops practically only to the local population. Now everything is the same – if you are 18 years old, you will be able to buy herb there without any problems. It is also worth mentioning that of all these regulations impeding the purchase weed in Amsterdam was always excluded.
  3. Barcelona Spain -It is called by some, “new Amsterdam”, probably a bit exaggerated. Nevertheless, this city has an extremely rich nightlife, fantastic architecture, one of the prettiest urban beaches in the world (Barceloneta). Lasy but not least a charming street ramp with the most popular of over 200 Cannabis Social Clubs. The only problem? You will not take advantage of them, because to do this you need to get a special card, which takes 2 weeks. The number of days waiting is dictated precisely to drastically limit the number of tourists using these clubs.At the same La Rampa (and also in its vicinity) before you even notice any Cannabis Club strangers in the evening at least a few times will offer you the purchase of herbs. And if you run out of it in the morning, then in any larger park you can find groups of people, mostly black musicians, who often ask for signs of a long distance or want to smoke. The police are turning a blind eye to everything, and the possession is not punished in Spain at present.When planning a trip to Barcelona, it is worth paying attention to the calendar of hemp events, there are a lot of them there. Including the largest in Europe marijuana exhibition fair – the Spaniards
  4. Denver, Colorado -This is the place that is currently watching the entire hemp world with attention. Here you can smoke almost without restrictions. Here, a huge multi-billion dollar business develops around the herb. All new gadgets are created here, including the fashion for vaporizers. Here, stores with generally available marijuana are similar to the Apple Store, Starbucks and Virgin Store. Here, the whole of America is descending to take part in special camps organized for hemp, which are usually visited by a few other drugstores, some marijuana farm, sometimes and another SPA, where ravines are combined with cannabis-based cosmetic treatments.Here the hemp leaf becomes something mass, a product that is to be “trendy” and adapted to the needs and expectations of each client. Cool and not cool at the same time. It is worth visiting the local marijuana stores and, for example, Amsterdam coffee shops, to compare the atmosphere.
  5. Nimbin, Australia-This is a small town, controlled by a group of hippies several decades ago. It is picturesque, surrounded by mountains. Is considered the marijuana capital of the continent, the media has once hailed as a social counter-cultural experiment, over which the smell of marijuana is constantly floating. Despite the fact that in the region to which the town owns and sells hemp are severely punished, this is done openly at Nimbin. The town officially has only 400 inhabitants, but there are many people who want to feel the atmosphere of freedom there throughout the year. The town is colorful, the whole day is filled with music, there are organized various workshops, dedicated to the fight for full legalization of herbs in Australia or ecology. Nimbin is such a strongly leftist (in the proper sense of the word) settlement, where openness to people combined with new-age medicine and the climate resembling the Woodstock style of Jimi Hendrix.Ever since 1993, there has been an annual huge hemp festival called Mardi Grass, which attracts crowds of enthusiasts. It usually takes a week, and its colorful processions are intertwined with political performances, dance parties and concerts. During it, there is also a “hemp Olympiad”, where players compete in such competitions as rolling joints on time or “throw bongs”.
  6. Rif Mountains in Morocco -Morocco has been and continues to be one of the world’s largest exporters of hashish for years. Especially the European market is flooded with goods coming from this country. It is believed that the heart of its production is located in the Riff mountains – an area controlled by an ethnic minority Berber, who do not do much to officially prohibit the cultivation, sale and possession of marijuana.In fact, all of Morocco does not do much of this ban. In every major city, you can buy goods on the street. And no wonder – the entire Arab culture for centuries was very positive towards marijuana. Cannabis had a similar function to us as alcohol.Hashish in the Riff mountains began to produce on a large scale for export probably in 1962 and he immediately gained the reputation of a great commodity. By the locals it is called “Kiff”, which means “pleasure.” Apparently cannabis bushes sometimes grow over whole valleys in these mountains.The legend is the shrouded village of Ketama, called the capital of hashish. It is a relatively small town around which a large part of the plantation is concentrated. However, not many people come here, people from Europe are said to be interested in large-scale purchases. Ordinary tourists usually stop in picturesque Biskupia – a city of fountains, one of the prettiest in the country. In addition to the purchase of hash, the locals also usually offer the opportunity to visit nearby plantations and take a closer look at the whole production process.

    Many people who were there warned, however, that you must carefully watch what you buy from the locals. Moroccans who are naive and have little idea about the hash of tourists (and those who want to be stoned here for the first time in their lives is supposedly a good deal) often push goods of very poor quality. It is especially popular to sell “marijuana cookies” in which there is neither a gram of Mary Jane, and tourists and so they say that “something felt”.

  7. Cambodia -If it’s already far East, it’s worth choosing this country. In all the neighboring possession of drugs is severely punished (sometimes even death). Cambodians, on the other hand, are much more relaxed with marijuana. Yes, the possession is illegal, but the case usually takes a small bribe if we are caught red-handed by a policeman.In Phnom Penh (the capital of the country) we will buy the herb without problems on the street. What’s more, the local specialty served in restaurants is … pizza based on the dough, which is added marijuana (in the same restaurants we can easily buy goods from the service). We will recognize this delicacy in the menu usually named Happy Herb Pizza or simply Happy Pizza.Leaving aside food, it is worth mentioning that Cambodia is rich in tourist attractions, especially in the – often half-occupied by the jungle – ancient Khmer and Siamese temples. It must be extremely cool to be able to watch it all being completely stoned.
  8. India -This country is often considered the birthplace of marijuana. Mainly probably because that is where the first written reference to the hemp comes from (in the text dated to 2000 BC, e.). The herb belongs to one of the five holy plants of Hinduism. In addition to large cities, in the provinces you can often see here cannabis bushes growing “in the wild”, especially in the north of thecountry. During the numerous festivals accompanying the holidays earlier than Christianity, bhang lassi – liquor based on the leaves of ganja – is often drunk. There are also some special ceremonies – one of the most important of its kind is Shivy Night (celebrated at the turn of February and March) – during which cannabis is consumed ritually. On such days, the normal drug law is temporarily suspended.In India, grass smokers (as well as fans of other stimulants) often play Goa. This place has been known for a long time from beaches, drinks, light drugs and parties. However, a much more interesting proposition for a connoisseur of hemp can be to go to the Parvati valley in the Himchal Pradesh region. It is a place where the worship of Lord Shiva combined with the consumption of Mary Jane in various forms is especially vivid. Smoking marijuana here takes on the character of contact with the supernatural. This sacred dimension is something that is difficult to meet in our culture and regardless of whether one believes in some God / god or not, it can be a very interesting experience. Due to the religious application and high social acceptance, the herb you can get here is usually of high quality.An interesting place for a getaway can also be the holy city of Pushkar. In addition, it’s easy there on the street about Mary Jane you can drink a lot of restaurants on its base, called Magic Lassi. However, we do not drink alcohol that is strictly prohibited in this place.

  9. Alaska -This state does not distinguish anything from the background of Colorado, Washington, or others that legalized recreational consumption of marijuana. What’s more, in the USA, all the industry-leading things are happening outside of Alaska. But personally, if I had to go on a canna-trip to the US, I would choose Alaska – because it is the only one that offers real uniqueness. Severe, wild landscapes, polar day / night, seals, bears, eskimos – and all in the clouds of smoke. I have always set myself as if the northern lights looked on live, on a complete stoned, or what it felt like to smoke in an igloo. In Alaska, you do not have to think of anything to experience something unique in connection with Mary Jane.
  10. Christiania-Copenhagen, Denmark -Also known as the Freetown Christiania. This counter-cultural settlement, occupying mainly the area of the former military base, is nominally only a district of the capital of the country. But in reality it differs from the rest of the city diametrically. It is an interesting alternative for Amsterdam or Barcelona. Christiania was created as a result of the occupation of several buildings in 1973 by hippies-squatters, has its own rights and semi-legal authorities. Heavy drugs are not very welcome here, and in the central point of the town there is a market where you can buy completely any amount of marijuana, gram or kilogram, in any known form. The herb is supposedly delicious and very strong here. We will not see any cars here, nor can you run, because then we will be taken for a thief or worse … a policeman-undercover. For the police are opening up here rarely. You can not take photos.Once Christiania was a place of vibrant political and social life. There have been (and sometimes still does) many local clashes with the police, who wanted to throw the entire community out of the areas they occupied. To this day, it functions on the basis of a counter-cultural experiment, which some politicians would like to erase from the city map. There are usually free thinkers, anarchists, outcasts from various subcultures, students from nearby universities, and above all, a mass of curious tourists. The walls of many buildings are dotted with psychedelic graffiti. Apparently, herb is easier to buy here than normal food, the streets are full of small dealers.


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