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How Cannabis is Influencing the Beauty Industry

When it comes to the world of beauty, there seems to be an endless lineup of ingredients claiming to be the secret to healthy, glowing skin. Whether it’s an oil, serum, or mask that has ingredients derived from plants and processes from around the world, beauty is a shifting marketplace eagerly awaiting the next big thing.

Beauty is a multi-billion dollar industry—one that continues to expand and evolve, shifting with the culture around us. We’ve seen the changes occur as wellness trends and natural products boom in popularity. It’s simply how beauty works: as customer interests and larger societal norms move, the industry adapts. And that’s where cannabis comes in.

Whether recreational use is legal or not, marijuana continues to occupy the minds and conversations of American consumers from one state to the next. And the beauty industry has been paying attention.

Working in conjunction with the larger wellness movement—a movement filled with supplements, powders, juices, self-care mantras, and more—cannabis’ use in beauty sits on the precipice of a landscape ready and willing to explore and invent with an open mind.

But let’s be clear: cannabis actually has been used in beauty prior to the legalization, with items such as candles, perfumes, and soaps adopting the scent and shape of marijuana, but not using the actual flower. But with the change in laws and cultural mindset, this has continued to change.

So, what compounds of cannabis are actually being used? The cannabis plant contains at least 80 different cannabinoids, compounds that work within the human endocannabinoid system to boost mood and much more. Within those 80 are the superstars THC and CBD. THC brings out the high, and CBD does not—and the cannabis focus in beauty is on CBD.

Inflammation is a recurring skin ailment in beauty. Step into any beauty store and you’ll be greeted by many products focused around calming skin and keeping it clear of the stressors of the environment all around us. Known for the calming, relaxing, and anti-inflammatory benefits, CBD offers up an interesting avenue in beauty, specifically when it comes to skincare.

Established beauty brands, newcomers, facialists, and more continue to develop and use interesting CBD-infused items, and the shelves at MedMen carry some of the leading CBD beauty products, focusing on lotions and creams that calm muscles, hydrate skin, and reduce inflammation brought on by pollution, diet, and so much more. Beauty superstores continue to ramp up the cannabis-centric products on their shelves, with calming masks, skin creams, mascara, blush, and beyond.

With each day comes a new product innovation, making the landscape of beauty and the way in which cannabis functions within it an exciting place to be. From mascara to masks, the future of cannabis in beauty sure feels bright.


Courtesy of MedMen

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