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Five Things to Know About the Reverie-friendly Blue Dream

If you’re looking to kick it into gear and reinvigorate, then Blue Dream is, well, a dream. This is a sativa-dominant strain originally from California, and currently selling for about $56 for 3.5 g through the Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS). The OCS describes the bud as having a THC content of about 18 to 22 percent (and a mere whisper of CBD at up to one percent) with mango and citrus flavours.

It is considered to be an easy strain to grow (flowering in just seven to nine weeks, and, last year, it was ranked number one on a list of popular cannabis strains by Medical Marijuana Inc.)

First: Get ready to relax

This strain is mostly sativa, meaning it creates a more cerebral high. Leafly describes the effects of Blue Dream as a “full-body relaxation with gentle cerebral invigoration.” So no matter how you’re enjoying the strain, you’re sure to drift off and have some very sweet dreams. Though it is classified as a hybrid, the THC content far outweighs the CBD. The strain’s likely best for afternoon use.

Second: Great for medical users

Blue Dream is reported to offer quick relief and seems to be well-suited for those who are using cannabis medicinally. The strain has been used for conditions such as chronic pain, mental disorders and headaches. It has also been reported to be useful for people experiencing fatigue and depression because of its uplifting effects.

Third: But it’s got some side effects

Blue Dream, however, may be a trip you don’t want to take on your own. Some of its noted side effects include dry mouth and dry eyes, which is hardly uncommon for cannabis users. That said, some users may experience bouts of anxiety or paranoia. That being the case, it’s recommended that consumers take care not to overdo things.

This strain is notably very flavourful, with notes of blueberry, citrus and mango / Photo: Noahrr25 / iStock / Getty Images Plus

Fourth: It’s berry good!

This strain is notably very flavourful, with notes of blueberry (as it is sometimes crossed with Blueberry and Haze), citrus and mango. For consumers needing a reason, they can pretend it’s healthy, you know, because berries are so good for you. Less fanciful types, though, will see that the strain’s most notable terpenes, the fragrant oils naturally found in cannabis buds, are pinene, with flavours such as pine, rosemary and basil, myrcene, which is more herbal with a fruity quality and found in things like hops, lemongrass, thyme and mangoes, and caryophyllene, with flavours like black pepper, cloves and cinnamon.

Fifth: The strain has achieved a bit of celebrity status

While Blue Dream is notably one of the more popular cannabis strains, it’s got a direct link (none of this six degrees of separation stuff!) to Snoop Dogg. The strain is part of the hybrid that makes up Snoop’s Dream, a strain of cannabis that has about 18 to 22 percent THC. Up to you, of course, but perhaps lighting up some Blue Dream and throwing on Snoop Dogg’s hit, Gin and Juice, would do the trick. Dancing in front of the mirror using a hairbrush as a microphone is not necessary, but is encouraged.

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