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Cannabis Beauty Myths Debunked

Cannabis Beauty Myths Debunked


In 2018, many are starting to appreciate that cannabis has beautification properties. Creams and salves are coming out that can help with skincare and other aspects of beauty regimens. But some still hold on to outdated myths that cannabis can actually work against beauty. Here are some of those myths, and why they just aren’t true.


Cannabis Gives Men Breasts

For a long time, people were trying to scare men away from using cannabis by claiming they could develop breasts due to cannabis use. Even as recently as this year, Canadian police were using this myth as part of an anti-drug program. (you can link to my previous article) According to Thrillist, this just isn’t true. In 2013, a doctor introduced the idea that cannabis could cause a condition that would enlarge male breasts, but it was quickly debunked.


Weed and Sex Don’t Mix

We’ve done multiple articles on why this is untrue and cannabis and sex are actually a great combo. But some still believe that because it makes users socially awkward and unable to connect, it negatively impacts sex. As Thrillist points out, while it can cause some awkward social behavior, users also report that they have better sex when stoned. Plus, with today’s growing cannabis culture, the anxiety is less of an issue, and many smokers find themselves awkwardly stoned and on the same page.


Stoners Have a Certain Look

It’s still not that uncommon to meet someone who thinks all stoners look like Cheech & Chong. But realistically, as All Bud  points out, many people have tried or habitually use cannabis, and very few look like the stereotype. Wearing grungy, out-of-style clothing because you don’t care is a fashion choice, not something brought on by excessive cannabis use.


Cannabis Makes Users Lazy

We’ve covered this a lot when discussing health and fitness: cannabis does not make users lazy. Medical Daily confirms that while different people experience different affects, most do not become lazy just from cannabis. Rather, they were probably lazy before and blame it on being stoned. Plus, as we’ve explained, you can always look for certain strains and products that increase energy rather than decrease it.

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