Adult-Use Legalization Passes New Mexico House

The New Mexico House of Representatives has passed a bill to legalize cannabis for adults, according to the Associated Press.

The bill passed with a 36-34 majority in the House. Democrat Rep. Javier Martinez called the bill a “grand bargain” between Senate Republicans and House Democrats. Originally, there were separate proposals from the two groups which were merged into the current bill.

The bill would create a regulated system of state-run, retail cannabis stores. It would be very similar to how alcohol regulations work in several U.S. states, though it would be the first such model for cannabis. Cannabis would be sold on consignment from growers instead of being purchased outright. The cannabis program would be overseen by the state departments of Agriculture, Health and the Environment.

Possession of up to an ounce would be legal, though anyone carrying cannabis would need to retain their receipt from the state store. The bill does not allow for home-grows, though medical cannabis patients who can already grow their own plants would be allowed to continue.

The bill now goes to the state Senate for further consideration.



Courtesy of Gangapreneur

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