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5 Ways To Calm Down A Friend With A Bad High

Bad highs are a dime a dozen. Experiencing one is awful and even when you think you’ve taken every precaution, there’s no guarantee that your body won’t surprise you with a bad or strange reaction.

Watching a friend or loved one go through a bad high is also a complex process, especially if you’ve consumed marijuana with them. Paranoia and bad vibes are contagious, so it’s always important to keep a cool head no matter what. As long as the marijuana you purchased is from a reliable source and you haven’t mixed any drugs, your friend should be okay, even if they feel awful.

Here are five things you can do to help them calm down.

Take preventative steps

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If your friend has little experience with marijuana, suggest purchasing a cannabis strain that contains manageable amounts of THC. Tell them to speak with their provider and ask for something that’s light and that won’t lead to a bad high. If you’re in a party and someone offers a toke from a pre-rolled joint, limit yourself to one puff and wait 20 minutes before engaging again. If you guys are consuming an edible, start with low amounts and get to know the dosage that works best for you.

Create a pleasant environment

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Help your friend lay or sit down and make them feel cozy and comfortable. Surround them with pillows and blankets. If there’s a dog or a cat nearby, put them in their vicinity. Remind them to take deep and comforting breaths.

Remind them that this is a temporary situation

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So, the bad high has kicked in and there’s nothing you can do to prevent it. Take a deep breath and build up your patience. Make it clear to your friend that this is a temporary situation and that no one has ever died of a bad marijuana high. Try speaking in a soothing voice and not indulging in their paranoia, encouraging them to lie down and to take deep calming breaths. Try to keep them distracted with a chat about everyday things or talk to them and distract them.

Recommend a nap

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Napping is one of the world’s best remedies, having a particular power when bad highs are involved. If there’s a bed or couch nearby, try to get your friend to lie down and offer some privacy to them, putting on a rom-com or sit-com so they can get distracted and nap for a little while. When they wake up, they’ll feel much better.

Take them outdoors

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Nature and fresh air work really well for some people, allowing them to breathe deeply and to get some much needed perspective on their problems. Still, make sure to not leave your friend alone and to talk to them through their process, keeping them as calm and relaxed as you can. They’ll feel better in no time. A couple of long hours top.

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