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3 Things Medical Marijuana Patients Should Watch Out For

As medical marijuana gains ground across the U.S. and abroad, it’s important to remember that not all weed is created equal. Here are three of the biggest concerns medical marijuana patients should watch out for when choosing their medicine.

Pesticides And Additives

There have been a few recent scares around pesticide-contaminated marijuana, even as states put regulations in place to try to prevent it. Researchers have found that toxic additives like thinning agents can be harmful to patients. To avoid getting that extra junk in your bud or tinctures, either grow it yourself pesticide-free, or ask your budtender about their methods and do your homework on dispensaries before going in for your meds. A good dispensary will be open about how often they send products to a lab to be tested, and what kinds of products they use to grow the goods.

Moldy Weed

After medical marijuana sold in dispensaries in northern California killed at least two patients, causing rare, severe lung infections, it’s freshly important to make sure your weed is, well, fresh. Look at your bud closely before using it. If it has a musty smell and discoloration, like black, light blue or green dots, throw it out. Even removing the moldy spots won’t save the weed or make it fit to smoke, as it will still contain dangerous spores.

DIY Dabs

Not only is making your own concentrates for dabbing super illegal, the process is highly dangerous and involves flammable butane. But dabs in general, because they’re harder to control and give a more potent high, aren’t the first choice of many medical marijuana users. That said, if you’re coping with severe pain or nausea, they can help—if used with caution.


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