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10 Most Popular Marijuana Festivals

10 Most Popular Marijuana Festivals

10 Most Popular Marijuana Festivals


Marijuana has always been linked to music. An indivisible tandem, since, with music, the listener is moved to a trip to the senses, which, in some way, gets the “hang” of marijuana. For this reason, it is not difficult to find many people who like to enjoy a good marijuana cigar while, in the open air, they hear their favorite singers. The concerts, and especially the marijuana festivals are the cradle of cannabis consumption, and, where you can find some of the most potent varieties of today.

Although there are consumers of marijuana of all kinds, and therefore, in any festival there will be a greater or lesser representation of this substance, if that, there are some festivals that are key.


Austin Reggae Festival

The Austin Reggae Festival, or as it is intentionally known, the Marley Festival. This macro concert of reggae borrows the name of the pot-head and singer par excellence, Bob Marley. Throughout the festival, attendees can enjoy the consumption of one of the best weed, with the peace of mind of not breaking the rules. Here, the cannabis leaf, along with the Jamaican flag, gives color and shape everywhere.


Camp Bisco

The 2018 installment of Camp Bisco will take place at Montage Mountain in Scranton, Pennsylvania between July 12 – 14. Organizers of the event have just unveiled the initial lineup for Camp Bisco ’18.

House culture, in the midst of a natural environment, and with campers in between … sounds good to us, do you sign up?



Campers, vans, music and cooking in which the star dish is marijuana. Who can ask for more? Freedom, art and the underground come together to create a unique experience, both for marijuana users and those who have not yet taken the step. The only downside? That you have to move to Manchester, but not England, but the United States, more specifically, in Tennessee.


Burning Man

Mountains of Nevada, USA, a desert landscape. Desert? NO! For a week the town of Black Rock is built and gives life, it does not belong to any district, nor does it have a government beyond music for seven days. A week in which collaboration, renewal and freedom are postulated as the most important, in which money and material things have no place, but if the exchange or exchange of favors. In addition, a magnificent temple is built that the last day is burned in honor of the deceased. So, imagine the connection that can be felt, in the middle of nowhere, the purifying fire you and your joint.




The fashion festival, the people who “are someone” and the celebrities par excellence. Here, the music happens, unfortunately, to a second plane, since here it is going to be seen and to be seen. And, as the most important thing is this, the “celebrities” pose with their more relaxed outfits and also let out their little private vices, such as the well-known Kim Kardashian, who created a decalogue of basic products for any festival among which there was a concealment contraption, to smoke marijuana without problems.



This festival of unpronounceable name, although it was born in the US, but has editions throughout the world, brings together bands of alternative rock, indie and punk rock, and is an exponent of the generation X. And between so much mixture, obviously, the Marijuana is the perfect companion to enjoy at another level.




This is the first festival on the European creation list. Belgium, and more explicitly, the boarding school of Boom is the place where the first editions of one of the most important festivals of electronic music have been held, although, it begins to count on other countries that celebrate their own editions. But, the one in Belgium is the one that interests us, because, thanks to the proximity to Holland, a mecca for EuropeaAll Pagesn marijuana, here some of the best products are consumed by far.



Glastonbury Festival



Glastonbury Festival of Contemporary Performing Arts, or its abbreviation, Glastonbury is one of the best festivals in England, which European “celebrities” have wanted to turn into something similar to Coachella, although, here music is still important.


Life In Color

Life In Color promises some of the biggest names in dance music. Deco got a behind the-scenes look at the biggest and loudest paint party on Earth.

Beyond the music will be live murals and DIY paint stations where attendees can make their own works of art on the walls or on their friends. Colored smoke will bring new dimension to the venue as it wafts around from stages throughout the grounds. Of course, there will be shots of paint through the air. It’s Life in Color, after all.


Love Parade


Since the 90s, Germany has become the seat of love thanks to this lack of music, people and marijuana, a lot of marijuana.

The largest outdoor electronic music festival that was organized from 1989 to 2010. The festival was cyclical and took place every year, however, it happened 3 times that the event did not take place. He belonged next to Mayday to the oldest events of this type. From 1989 to 2006 he was organized in Berlin, later in the cities of the Ruhr area. The music played on the parade was mainly: trance, house, techno, schranz and minimal. There are also events modeled on Berlin in many cities around the world.

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